Platinum RockStars At The Belly Up Tomorrow Night

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The weather in San Diego is absolutely amazing and I can’t think of a better Saturday line up.  Get your ass out of bed early and grab a nice breakfast with a few cold beers and then get to the beach to work on the tan.  Hang all day and then home and ready to have the time of your life.. Arrive at the Belly Up ready to see a show like no other you have seen before  Expect to see a ton of hotties at the show tomorrow night.  The Platinum Rockstars have a special guest appearing with them tomorrow and you don’t want to miss this.  Any Van Halen Fans out there?

   For those of you who missed the first part of our interview with the band here it is Platinum Rockstars Interview .   Part Two is below and I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night.  Buy your tickets now. You don’t want to get there and be standing outside watching one hottie after another file in while you can’t get a ticket.  Platinum Rockstars Tickets     Tmtmtl@RollinSD.com

RollinSD:I used to go down to Pacific Beach for many years and watch Metal School play and loved them. They were from LA and also very musically talented and added a twist of humor to their show.  With you I see the same musical talent, but you seem to try to recapture the band and its era when they performed.  I know you are a fan of these bands, but how much video/tape and research do you do before bringing on another band? 

We do check out YouTube, see what the original bands do, how they perform, how they sometimes change the arrangement for the live concert, song endings, etc. Since our show is mostly about re-creating the experience of seeing these bands, we like to be accurate. For example, when David does Robert Plant, he holds the mic in his left hand like Plant did. Little dumb things like that. The hard-core appreciate it!

 RollinSD: Who are the other members of the band and what are their backgrounds?

We have several core members and a few rotating guest stars. David, myself, and Roby Duron (our lead guitarist) are the full-timers, Chuck Wright (from Quiet Riot), Mike McManus (Queen Nation) and Al Estrada (Eruption) are frequent guest stars. We always try to find those special players who really love the music and sometimes don’t mind wearing a dead animal on their head. 

RollinSD: How long have you been playing and what instrument do you play etc?

 I have always played the drums.  David was a late-bloomer, didn’t start playing guitar until he was 16 and didn’t start singing until he was in his 30s! Everyone in the band does original music too. David has a few albums out, currently working on another (www.davidvictor.com) , Al Estrada (www.alestrada.com) does insane rock fusion stuff, Roby Duron (www.robyduronband.com)  is an awesome blues player and just won a semi-final for Guitar Center’s “King Of The Blues” contest, Chuck Wright (www.chuckwright.com) of course is in Quiet Riot and actually plays bass on “Bang Your Head”. It doesn’t get any more real than that!!

RollinSD:  When playing what is your goal?  What do you want to give the crowd/audience? 

 My goal is hit the drums with a sense of purpose, and to look out and see people thumping to the kick, smiling, and getting down with the movement.  We wanna stop time for just for an instant–re-create the illusion for dreamers, derelicts, & millionaires alike who need to escape the charred hellscape of real life! Forget about your day job for a minute, just let it go and feel the rock ‘n roll within your soul…hang on, that rhymes. Do you have a pencil?

 RollinSD: What would be the ultimate compliment someone could give you and the band?

“I say old boy, I do like the cut of their jib!”

 RollinSD: How do you prepare the day of the show?  Show starts at 9 pm what time do you arrive and take us through your day.

Wow, we live all over LA so we start driving to Solana Beach at like 3am that morning, spend all day on the freeway and then arrive at sound check late afternoon.  Insane! We load in, make sure it’s all together, then we get some great food at the Wild Note Café. The food is amazing—and I’d say that even if we didn’t get it for free! We hang out, meet the beautiful people, and then closer to show time we prepare ourselves to explode! 

RollinSD: Shouldn’t someone of your shockingly advanced age be focusing on providing for your families instead of jumping around like a bunch of screaming monkeys?

Unquestionably! So San Diego get your Asses to the Belly Up and be prepared to have a sick time.

John is a badass motha fucka

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