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“Pizza Terrorism”, that’s what the police in Upper Darby, PA. Are calling it. The owner of “Nina’s Bella Pizzeria”, 47yr. old Nikolas Galiatsatos, took it upon himself to plant mice at two other local competitors’ pizzeria shops, after becoming convinced that the competitors were responsible for planting mice in his pizza shop. Nikolas walked into “Verona Pizza” earlier in the week and asked to use the bathroom.  After he left the owner found a set of footprints on the toilet and noticed that the drop ceiling had been moved. When the owner checked the ceiling he found a bag with mice in it. That wasn’t enough though. Nikolas then walked across the street to Uncle Nick’s Pizza and dumped another bag into a trash can inside the restaurant. Mr. Galiatsatos had been having rodent problems of his own and put the blame on his competitors. He was booked on charges of disorderly conduct, harassment and animal cruelty, police said.  FULL ARTICLE ~Cpt Harris

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