Phone Scammers Are “Upping” Their Game

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I can’t imagine that, in this day and age, there is anybody still out there falling for phone scams where you find out you have won millions of dollars, or have been selected to help some African prince get his wealth out of the country – all for a small up front fee or your personal information.  It’s such a cliché at this point it’s become an almost comical part of pop culture and you hear references to it in movies and TV shows.  The sad thing is that people DO still fall for these scams.  Perhaps it’s small changes to the tactics used by the scammers that ‘keep it fresh’.  I just heard of a new tactic today – Basically if you are not interested in ponying up $100 up front for the privilege of getting $1,000,000, you will be shot…that’s right – SHOT.  Talk about a fucking roller coaster of a call.  I’m sure they lead the call off with the amazing news that you won all that cash!  But what’s this?  A $100 fee?  Hmmmm….I don’t know.  Then getting the last bit of incentive with a promise of somebody hunting you down for not wanting to pay.  WTFuck?  Whether you boot from excitement at the start of the call or from paralyzing fear at the end – you WILL see your lunch.

In the attached article, the woman was smart enough to hang up but there are many others that write that check just to keep from being murdered.  I guess I can award points for creativity, but these guys are total scum…


For those that only clicked on ‘More’ because there is a picture of the chick with the tank top and the cans – Sorry, but I had to do something to get some ‘clicks’.  Besides, she’s got a phone nestled in there and probably took a scam call and was threatened at some point…Maybe. ~East Coast Pimp

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