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People Busted With Rollin’ Gear

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Now you never know who you will run into at Vons and what they are picking up.  Check out Athena wearing her RollinSD tank.   Looking good girl.  If you want to see more of this hottie you need to get your ass down to Club Expose.  She works most days and if you think she looks good in the tank wait til you see her take it off.   Expose has just gone through a full renovation and it is almost complete.  Just wait til the Cigar and Huka bar open in a few weeks.  So when you are out and about get a photo of you wearing the gear and you never know, you might get on the website.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com Make sure you buy your gear today. RollinSD Gear Here.  Look for the limited edition RollinSD OTL shirts and hats to be up this week.

Now Athena if a RollinSD fan comes in and asks you to take the tank off what are you going to say?

Well RollinSD is going international.  Last month I had photo’s sent to me from the Phillipines a I still have not posted them.  Today I present to you the Shaw Brothers who were on a family vacation in Cabo and had this photo taken in front of the famous Arch. I am more impressed with Kevin’s orange RollinSD hat than the arch, but that is just me.

Not only does Gaglione Brothers serve the best Cheese Steaks in San Diego, they also attract RollinSD Local Hotties.  Check out Justine enjoying her favorite cheese steak while looking might tasty herself.  Gaglione Brothers has been voted Rollin Approved as the Best Cheese Steak in San Diego.   They have two locations – on Friars and one off of Rosecrans. Make sure you get your ass in there to try one and be sure to get your photo taken next to the Rollin Approved sign and send it on in.  You never know, you might make the site and get a few free cheese steak gift cards out of it!


Going to a baseball game and don’t want to lose your kids?  RollinSD has a solution.  The Don’t Get Lost edition of their shirts.  These two little Rollers ventured to Angels stadium on Sunday to see the Angels beat up on the Dodgers.  Their dad sent me these photo’s and said  he loves the shirts more than he thought.  These two little studs made the jumbtron before the game also. Not that they needed to be on the jumbotron to be seen.  Now these two little studs know how to dress for an Angels vs Doegers game.. Way to represent San Diego..

RollinSD’s own is hanging back stage with Don Carlos at the 4th and B show.   Tom, next time you need to work Don to put on a RollinSD shirt.  Get him one of the Tribute to the Legends RollinSD shirts.  Tom’s post on the Don Carlos show can be seen here. Tom Searcy hanging at 4th and B with Don Carlos.

We go from Miss February 2006 getting busted wearing a RollinSD tank, to having Slick Willie Clinton busted wearing a RollinSD hat.  Just think of how much tail he would have pulled while  he was in office if he was wearing this hat around?  I can see him now meeting with the head of China and wearing this hat.  The head of China asking “You think if I weara dat hat like that I get my wankie sucked like you do?”

Slick Willie Showing Off His New RollinSD Lid.  Make sure you orders yours before they are sold out.  RollinSD Gear

Having Miss Ferbruary 2006 wearing a RollinSD tank doesn’t suck at all.  Just look at how hot she looks in this tank.  Need to get her to come back to Southern California for a visit this summer.  I think she can help to remove the June gloom.  Be sure to check out her feature and interview with RollinSD.  This girl needs to be in Playboy again.  RollinSD Feature Here Thank you girl for making out tanks look so hot.

I love it when people wear RollinSD gear in other states. This was sent in from my boy Paaaarkkkkkkaaa when he went on a boys golf trip to AZ.. I love him wearing the yellow  “Can’t Get Lost Edition” shirt.  Way to go brotha. Not sure if you want to call that much attention to your golf game though.   For anyone asking no we don’t make ladies shirts in this and if we didn’t we wouldn’t make them the size below.   Way to get a shot with a lucky fan brotha and you know she was only wearing her shirt in the hopes of getting a photo with you.

This photo was sent to me from a friend who was out at a bar on Friday night in Encinitas.  He took this photo with his cell phone.  I asked him if he talked to the girl or asked her where she got the tank from;  he said no.  Tom you are an idiot.  This was you in.    You have a photo in RollinSD gear?   Email it over and I will put it on the site.  The NEW Padres Rollin’ Gear will be out this week…..make sure you check it out.  Order yours quick before they sell out again!  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

Living in San Diego doesn’t suck. I think I say that 3-4 times a week. This photo was sent in from New Hampshire and my man the East Coast Pimp was caught shoveling snow in April wearing his Rollin Gear.. Way to represent PIMP.

This was sent in from a Padres vs Giants game last week.  It looks like Tim Lincecum’s brother is hanging with a RollinSD fan.Maybe they are brothers or something like that.  Think Lincecum got the best of the Padres that night.

This photo was sent in Janet from Santa Monica.  Check out the new RollinSD sweatshirts.  Pretty sick or what?  This girl is Rockin the gear in LA and showing everyone how sick San Diego is.

This photo was sent in from Vang Her of Vang Her Photography.  It is taken of model  Liz  Statham is modeling a RollinSD Crown shirt.  I think I need to send Vang a few tank tops and women’s shirts to take more photo’s in.  Rollers keep sending photo’s of you in our gear or with our stickers and I will continue to put them on the site. Anyone up in the Orange County Area looking for an amazing photographer?  Give Vang Her Photographya call and tell him I sent you for a RollinSD discount.

God Bless all of our men and women in the military.   They are out there doing what they do to let us have our freedom and I thank you all.   With everything going on right now overseas, it is a crazy time for our men in women in the armed forces.  I know our military has some of the most powerful weapons in the world.  Imagine walking down the street and hearing a plane fly over and thinking,  shit they might dropping bombs.  Or, you hear a loud boom and have to think, oh shit did someone just launch a 155mm round in my direction?   Then, you look up and see a 155mm round heading right for you and to make it worse – it has a fucking RollinSD sticker on it. You know this fucker is packed with a little more power with that sticker on it

Great photo to start the St Patrick’s Day weekend off. Yes it is a St Patrick’s Day weekend and ends with Steak and Knobbers Dayas presented so beautifully by GiGi (guys make sure you print out the Steak and Knobbers Day post and leave it in strategic places around your house).   I hope everyone had a great St Patrick’s Day and as you can see, I started really early yesterday. When this is posts, I am going to be kicking myself and really hung over.   The good news is, I will be in Arizona and kicking it watching my son play in a baseball tourney.  Starbucks cups full of Monster Vodka while getting nice and tan.

Flavio in AZ Representing in his Rollin Gear

Flavio being the Rock Star he is… Way to represent in Arizona my friend. I am thinking with summer coming you might want to get a white one.  I hope all your friends in AZ are getting their orders in soon.

Danielle Back In Boston Wearing Her Rollin’ Gear

Holy giant mellons!   Nothing is better than getting a photo of your gear sent to you looking so good.  Having Danielle  wear this shirt is like having a billboard on the side of the freeway.  Way to go girl. I think you need to get a few more and maybe a black one and wear them a few days a week.   I think they are putting something in the water back in Boston.

If any of you want to be a bad ass mofo and look sweet all the while, just check out the  link marked ‘GEAR’ at the top of the site to get yours today!

Arizona is in the house.  We are now getting photos of people in RollinSD gear that live in Arizona. I love it. I will be out in AZ in a few weeks for Padres Spring Training but I don’t think you want photos of my ugly face.  Thanks Victoria for sending in this photo, we hope you are not laying on a cactus.

Damn, the New RollinSD Crown Sweatshirt is hot. I sold 25 in a week.  Not sure if that is because they are just cool as shit or maybe the weather is cold here in San Diego.  Check out Ray from Sanoma wearing his new gear.  Way to go brotha.  Making me proud representing in Northern Cal.

This one was just sent in from someone showing off the new RollinSD Padres logo.  Way to go Scott.  Looking good brotha and now we need one with the new hat you just bought.

So now we have people getting their photo in the New RollinSD gear with the Swinging Friar?  Way to go Sully.  Way to show the Padre nation the hottest shirt on the market.

Check out Sully and the Swinging Friar

How do you know you have the coolest gear out there? I will tell you because you are asking. You know you do when one of  San Diego’s finest is wearing your shirt at the firing range while emptying 1000’s of rounds.  You know if any person committing a crime looks up and see’s a cop wearing a RollinSD shirt they will say to themselves,  “Shit I am in trouble, but at least I have a cool cop busting me.”   Way to represent S.D.P.D.   Be safe out there and thanks for all you do.  Check out this photo.

Love the new red Rollin’ shirt, not to mention Miss February and April 2006 to my right and left.

A HOT Exquisite showing love for Rollin’!

Sent in by Troy, a Roller in Mammoth last weekend.  He said the snow was sick and conditions were amazing.  How sweet does his board look with the RollinSD logo on it. You know he had all the hotties all over his junk….

Shout out to Tony for hooking us up with the Holiday Bowl pictures!

Sent in from Cabo- yes Cabo……check out these little cuties.

Be sure to check out the Busted Gallery for more!

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