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Some things just have to be seen.  Everyone knows the saying  “You had to be there”.  Well this is kind of like that but  this is a “you have to see it”.  The title kind of says it all, but it should also say, some people are crazy.  Obviously some of these tricks, like the basketball and soccer ball, were enhanced and should be in our real or fake post, but what the hell. I started watching and saw the kid in the wheel chair do the flip and thought,  here we go.  There are going to be some great crashes in this one.  I can’t believe the whole video went by without one wipe out.  There are truly some sick stunts on this video.  My favorite is not a stunt, but the kid going down the stairs without walking……just kind of gliding down the stairs.  I wonder how many times he had to practice that and how many times he caught a toe and took a header.  I think the sickest stunt is the kid jumping off the rope swing into the river.  I have no clue how far it was, but it was far and that was sick.  What are your favorites?   Did you know you can forward this post to your friends right from this site?  Just his the little envelope icon on the top of the post.  It is best if you just send it to yourself and then forward to friends from your email account.  Enjoy Rollers.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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