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Posted by W.T.F on Monday, December 21, 2015

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Pelican Eats A Pigeon

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pelican bearThis is a must watch video as a Pelican eats a pigeon.  I thought pelican’s only ate fish, but who am I to know everything. I don’t think the pigeon’s had any clue that they may be eaten by a pelican either.  This pigeon was definitely a fighter though. It took the pelican a while before it could actually get the pigeon in his stomach.  I was waiting for him to spit it out and have the pigeon fly away.  Here is my tip to all the pelicans out there that want to eat pigeons.  I say keep it up, but once you get the pigeon in your mouth go into the water and hold it under water for a bit so it will drown.  This will make it much easier to swallow and you won’t have beak and claw marks all down your throat.  No somebody show me the video of the pelican to the left trying to eat this bear cub.  That would be very impressive.



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