Pastor Says F-You While Preaching

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I will start by saying I am not a big church goer. I do believe in God and say my prayers before I go to bed at night, but I do not attend church regularly.   The reason is, I don’t feel like I get anything from being at church. The priest is 80 yrs old and is not adding anything to the bible.  I need to find a church like this in San Diego and I will be there weekly.  When traveling many years ago to Chicago for work I was invited to attend a mass by one of my clients.  She lived in the South Side of Chicago in not the best neighborhood.  She called me brotha’ John and said I would like you to be my guest at church this Sunday. I told her ok and asked what time it started and how long would it last.  She said to be there at 9 and it will be done by 11:30. I thought, that’s a long time, but it still gives me plenty of time to make my tee time. I arrived at 8:50 and was the only white person within 10 miles of this church. I was walking up the church and was approached by no less than 5 or 6 people all shaking my hand and saying welcome brotha John, we are so glad you could make the mass.   Miss Matthews in inside and has a seat for you.  So I went in and found Miss Matthews.  Mass started and the preacher reminded me or Martin Lawrence but fatter and bald.  They had a 10 piece band on stage and a choir of 35+ people.  They whole church sang for an hour to get the mass started.  Then the preacher started his service and knew everyone’s name.  People had notebooks and he was calling on people and asking them what they thought certain versus from the bible meant. It was awesome.  I still remember so much from that one service that took place in 1994.  Yes 1994…  it was amazing what a good priest or preacher can do.  Here is a video of a guy who reminds me of the preacher that lead the mass I attended that day.  Watch this and tell me what you think?  I know I took more from the video that I would get from going to a 1 hr mass.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

John is a badass motha fucka

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