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Pardon the Chargers Week 12

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Pardon the Chargers Week 12 By Brendan Prinz and Tony Fantano

Chargers fans are going to have to do some soul searching after the Chargers lost their 6th straight game in a row to the Broncos in overtime. Lets see what the fans have to say about this.

Did Tebow win the game or did the Chargers give the Broncos the win?

Lightning Man:  The Chargers gave the Broncos the win on Sunday. If you told me all the Chargers had to do to win this game was score 16 points, I would of thought it was a guaranteed win. Not the case. Their defense played well keeping Tebow’s running attack from getting out of control and only allowing 16 points in 5 quarters of football. For most of the game the Charger’s receivers looked out of sync with Rivers and when they did get something going, the momentum would soon be stopped.

Chargers Steve: The Broncos won it with an intimidating defense that got into River’s head. He and Norv were both playing scared the entire game. The Chargers played scared because the Broncos came into San Diego and imposed their will. They came to the Q, did what they wanted, and Tebow won.

What’s wrong with the Charger’s offense right now?  

Lightning Man:  This is not the offensive play we are used to seeing from what has been a highly explosive team. They look flat, Rivers just isn’t hooking up with his receivers like he used to. They are really missing Rivers’ favorite check down receiver Darren Sproles. Without the highly dynamic play from Sproles on the short rout passing plays, the long throws are becoming more predictable with no legitimate threat from the short range. Only scoring 13 points in 5 full quarters of overtime football is unacceptable for a team with this much talent.

Charger Steve: Norv is the problem. He misuses time on the clock and doesn’t know who to manage a game, plain and simple. He hurts the Chargers chances of winning. His conservative play calls cost the Chargers the game against the Broncos.

 Are we all convinced that it’s time to finally give Norv the boot out of San Diego?

Lightning Man: As much as I want to stay positive I think this last game sealed Norv’s fate. That 2 minute drill at the end of the 4th quarter was one of the worst I have ever seen. Instead of going for a long pass calling a timeout and going for a game winning field goal, the Chargers ran the ball running out the clock to play for overtime. I have never seen such overly conservative play calling that crossed the line into cowardly. With Rivers, Jackson and Gates on the field YOU GO FOR THE WIN!! That was hard to watch and the fans let them know what they thought of that weak ass play calling.

Charger Steve: Norv should have never even been hired. All the Chargers wins over the last five years have been despite Norv Turner not because of him.

Can The Chargers beat Jacksonville on Monday?

Lightning Man: Hell yeah, the Chargers will win. Jacksonville is pathetic and with their front office in disarray The Chargers should find a way to break the losing streak and regain some confidence.

Charger Steve: The battle of the lame duck organizations. I am confident the Chargers will win this game. I also need to point out that I have been confident The Chargers would every win every game since the Jets game. My confidence obviously does not matter to this team. They should win but with the way things have been going I am sure Norv Turner will find a way to eek out another loss and continue the embarrassing streak.

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