Pardon The Chargers Week 11

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Here we are and we have already finished 11 weeks of the 2011 NFL Football Season.  RollinSD sat down with Lightning Man and Bitter Bolt and asked them a few questions.  Here is what they had to say.  Who do you think made the better points?

Where is Phillip Rivers and Who is this imposter wearing his number and throwing those interceptions?

Lightning Man:Rivers is playing scared, he is afraid of getting hit. Every D line in the NFL is making our O line look like bitches. The moment Rivers snaps the ball he is looking for rushers instead of looking for open receivers. You can see him scramble immediately, it is ridiculous because he is so slow. Rivers needs to hang tight in the pocket and deliver the ball to the correct spot with authority, even if he is about to get hit. If Rivers is hurried he will continue to play like…Ryan Leaf. AJ get to work.

Bitter Bolt:Rivers may be playing some of his worst football in a long time but his team sure as hell isn’t giving him any help. With no solid run game to fall back onto, it’s a struggle to get anything going when the opposing defense is waiting for the pass. With left tackle Marcus Mcneill going down at the beginning of game against the Raiders, Philip was in big trouble. Mcneill’s replacement Brandyn DUMBrowski played like a bum allowing constant pressure on Rivers and several sacks. With no more Sproles to dump off the ball quickly, Philip was in a world of trouble.

Are the Raiders actually better then the Chargers?

Lightning Man:Yes they are and that was proven on Thursday night. Let’s be honest, The Chargers got smacked in the mouth. The Chargers are not playing ruthless all-or-nothing football. Like everyone else says the Chargers have a lack of confidence in their game and that is rooted in the repetition of failure instead of the repetition of success. The Raiders do what works for them, scores them touchdowns, and repeat that. The Chargers do what they think will work against an opponent instead of just doing what scores the Chargers touchdowns. Other teams bank on the fact that the Chargers will play their team with respect. Those teams come to play San Diego and just impose their will power and win. Chargers just need to do their thing, but nothing will work until both lines are fixed up. Dare I say Hugh Jackson is better than Norv.

Bitter Bolt:I believe the Chargers are the better team but right now the Raiders are playing better football. They know what works for them and they are executing it well. The Raiders dominated the Chargers at the line of scrimmage and it showed. Their run game was unstoppable even without one of the leagues best running backs Darren Mcfadden out from injury. They made their number 2 RB Michael Bush look like a beast accumulating 242 total yards and TD. This is unacceptable and is most likely a product of the defensive line being gassed after their 3rd game in 11 days. The big boys up front need some rest and hopefully the 10 day break will give them time to step it up for the Bears game.

Is Carson Palmer Better than Phillip Rivers?

Lightning Man: Yes, Carson Palmer is better because he can actually run and gain yards with his feet. In the NFL you are only as good as your last game.

Bitter Bolt:No way is Palmer better than Rivers! I don’t care what happened this last game there’s just no comparison. Palmer is a veteran and you have got to give him a lot of credit for playing as well as he has with only being with the Raiders for a month, but he had a lot more help from his teammates. If Rivers had as much time to throw as Palmer along with the dominating run game Rivers would of had a field day.

Are we going to own Jay Cutler this coming Sunday?

Lightning Man:Depends on Shaun Phillips, if he is back, we can really hassle Jay Cutler. Get him to throw quick and The Chargers will get him to throw interceptions off of deflected passes. The Bear’s Devin Hester is a legitimate threat, so we need Tolbert to step up and take that speed demon out of the equation. The Chargers need a signature win and one in Chicago would be as good as any. If Norv can instill some swagger into his team, run first to open up the pass, and get The Chargers to believe in themselves we might be able to pull a win off. Norv should show The Chargers some of their legit wins of past season just to remind them that they were once good. Kris Dielman and SP please be healthy.

Bitter Bolt:Well put lightening man! One more thing you can’t forget is Rivers will be stepping it up knowing that he’s going to be playing against his old buddy Jay Cutler. THESE GUYS HATE EACH OTHER!! You know Rivers is going to be going into this game with the eye of the tiger working his but off and motivating his teammates. This is the perfect time of the season for a cheesy 80’s comeback montage. Rivers is a leader in the locker room and the field, so he’s got to start playing like it. The Chargers have an opportunity this week to turn this season around. The Chargers have put themselves in a bad situation but history shows us they excel in the role of the underdogs. A win against the red hot Bears is just what they need but they got to want it and play like they want it! If they do this, they are awfully hard to stop.

So Charger fans.  We want your opinion on who argued their point better.  Please post your comments below.  Stay tuned for next weeks questions and how these Two Charger fans answer them.


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