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This clip has been in circulation for some time, but worth a revisit.  You know, you can’t be human and not feel some compassion for this kid, but as I watch it, I’ve got to think that if this college student wants to be in broadcasting, he has to enlist a little more “The Show Must Go On” mentality.   I heard this in audio first, before seeing the clip, and thought he was getting so nervous that he couldn’t speak.  Now if you watch, you see him shake his head at the camera and talk to himself, which I submit is just giving up.  The periods of quiet, the fumbled teleprompter readings, and my favorite “and rebounding out the list” instead of “rounding out the list” completes this train wreck.  Just painful to watch.  It’s funny that he obviously rehearsed his wannabe catch phrase; “Boom goes the Dynamite”, but if he could rehearse that, why didn’t he prepare more for the meat of the report?  Again, don’t want to be too mean to a struggling kid chasing his dream, but dude, the cub scout in you should have told you to be prepared.   Attached are Will Smith and Family Guy references of this kid.  I had no idea how viral this video was – but it became mainstream enough to infiltrate award show bloopers and animated sitcoms.  Oh well, guess the guy made his mark in the world.  If you screw up at work, calling in to a radio station or hitting on a chic, you can always find some comfort in saying “Boom goes the dynamite”.  – Critical Kemp

Family Guy Reference

Will Smith Reference

John is a badass motha fucka

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