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I came across this video yesterday out in Internet land for a Chinese infomercial on a product called the “Cleavage Clamp,” which is basically a corset that not only pushes your boobs into place, but gives them sound effects too.  Kind of like that touch of excitement you get when you hear your cell phone beep after receiving a text message, only better!  Since I don’t understand what they’re saying, the narration in my head is funnier than the actual advertisement.  Meanwhile, here in the States we have Booty Pop padded underwear to look forward to.  I would imagine that men have come to expect that women will false advertise using padded bras and what not, but what a let-down it must be to realize that her rump shaker is “amplified” too.  Let’s face it, though, phony boobs and butts are no match for this marketing gem: Shock Jock boxers/briefs with “frontal enhancing technology”.  I’ve got my money orders in hand and plan on ordering two of each of these products TODAY!  Who’s with me?  Make sure you watch all three video’s.   ~AZ’s Finest

Cleavage Clamp

Booty Pop:

Shock Jock:

John is a badass motha fucka

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