Our Obsession with Idiots

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Most of you do not know the story of Eric Frimpong. He was a UCSB athlete who excelled on the soccer field. He came from Ghana to pursue a dream and ended up playing a pivotal role in their first NCAA National Championship. In 2007, he was drafted by the Kansas City Wizards in the MLS Draft. Today Frimpong is sitting in a jail cell convicted of rape.

Frimpong was convicted to six years in prison even though there were no physical marks on the woman in question, his DNA was not found on her and the semen found on her underwear was that of a boyfriend.  Furthermore the woman, identified as Jane Doe admitted to drinking heavily. So much so that her level was between .29 and .34, four times the legal limit in California. I don’t bring all this up to ruin your day but I wanted to point out that athletes are prosecuted in our legal system; unfortunately it’s the wrong ones that are punished.

Everyday there are new accusations on our favorite athletes. There are stories that make us laugh due to their stupidity and others that raise the hair on the back of our necks because of the severity. These humans that have enormous amounts of money are ruining our sporting preconceptions. It’s disgusting. These athletes receive our praise almost daily for what they do in their respected fields and daily they turn out to be complete degenerates. I understand that they are people and people make mistakes but most of them take it to a completely other level. It’s baffling and the worst part is they are allowed to make them repeatedly. They receive a slap on the wrist move on, wait for their transgression to leave our minds and then just when we forget, they do the same fucking thing they got busted for. How can this happen? It comes down to us the fans. We allow it to. Because these people entertain us on a weekly occasion they are allowed to be a repeat offender.

This story above may have happened because he was a black kid in a white community, but it most certainly did because he was a soccer player. Had he been a football player at Florida State or a baseball player at Texas, this would have been another non-issue. This athlete was punished because of the sport he chose. The worst part is not that the facts showed that he didn’t do it, but that athletes have done worst and received no punishment. They rely on the fact that once time passes we will forget it and we will. We will move on with our lives, cheer them on as they succeed and then we will be completely baffled once they make the same mistake. We need to remember that athletes are human and they need to be punished as such.

ESPN Story on Eric Frimpong – http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/news/story?id=4300383


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