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Caption Contest #1

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Get your captions in today.  We have a few good ones so far and we will crown our first winner on Monday as well as begin the new contest!  Better review the comments to see what you are up against.

Let me explain the caption contest. I am going to come up with a caption for the photo below and it’s your job to come up with a better one.  The Roller with the best caption will be deemed the winner.  They will get to pick a shirt from our gear section including the exclusive silhouette shirt.  Be sure to post your caption in the comments section and we will list the Top 5 at the end of the two weeks!    If you have a photo you would like to us to use for the next contest send it my way. My caption is the first listed below.

1.  Shit, did I leave the Ferrari running?

2. Oh Shit! I dropped the soap!  GIGI

3.  maybe not wearing shorts today wasn’t such a good idea -askjeffstone

4.  I knew that second bran muffin was a bad idea! – Gaff

5.  I’ve got to suck THAT for a bag of rice!!!!???? -Phi009

John is a badass motha fucka

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