Ohhhhhhh That Had To Hurt

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 For the first minute of this, I am trying to figure out what the hell is going on.  Are they going to hold the mattress up against the guy’s door??   Then I get fired up and think maybe there is a pissed off pit bull behind the door and they are going to let it out and the guy is going to fight it off.  That could be good, right?  Then the guy starts running down the hall and what the fuck happens to him?  Out of no where, the truck from the Metallica video, Enter Sandman, just plows over this kid.  This is worth watching 10 times in a row, just turn down the volume the 2nd time, the chick’s whiney voice will give you a headache. (actually, play the Metallica video below while watching this video, much better this way).  Just an awesome hit.  If you have something you feel needs to be seen and you want me to make stupid comments on it.  Send me the link, your commentary will be included if I feel it’s worthy.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com  


I am not a big Metallica fan, but after watching this video again, I just realized how fucking awesome this song and video are.  Go to 4:03 and tell watch the truch come on down and tell me who hits harder.   My son was watching it with me (11 yrs old) and I know he is not going to sleep for shit tonight.  Might have to get a piece before going to bed from the wife because I know at 11:30 I will hear his feet walking down the hall and he will be hopping into bed with us.  Oh well.  Enjoy.

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