Nuclear Cowboyz℠ Ignites Valley View Casino Center

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Join RollinSD.com Friday March 18th and Saturday March 19th at the Valley View Casino Center to watch the Nuclear Cowboyz put on their Freestyle Chaos Show.  This is a show you don’t want to miss.

You can watch the world’s top freestyle motocross riders in an action-packed, explosive theatrical production, the only show of its kind touring in the United States!

The Nuclear Cowboyz combines the high-octane sport of freestyle motorcross with an extreme theatrical-style entertainment production, featuring gravity-defying stunts, rock music, pyrotechnics, choreographed dancers and acrobatics; featuring two motocross tribes, the Metal Mulisha™ and the Soldiers of Havoc, battling for survival in a post-apocalyptic world.

The Nuclear Cowboyz tour has assembled the world’s greatest cast of freestyle motocross riders, including Ronnie Faisst, Adam Jones, Mike Mason,     Beau Bamburg, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Jim McNeil, Dustin Miller, Taka Higashino, Derek Garland and others; plus four of the top Quad and Trials riders. These legends of freestyle motocross will showcase awe-inspiring tricks and aerial feats (including a back flip with the rider set on fire) in a pulse-pounding two-hour choreographed performance, complete with the Nuclear Cowgirlz dancers, the Shadow Warriors “parkour” martial arts acrobatic stunt fighters, intense pyrotechnics and pulsating hard rock music.  Buy your tickets now

Make sure you look for our Rollin’ team out there covering the event and you never know.  We might be able to get you backstage to meet a few of the riders.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com Be sure to check back next week for photos and interviews of the riders.

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