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This video was sent in by JT and he asked  how many Rollers feel like this every day at their job?  I think it is pretty cool, but what the hell does this ad have to do with the Fed-Ex Cup besides they have golf bags at their desk? Shouldn’t  this be for a job posting board like Monster or something? It should say Hate Your Job, Can’t Wait To Leave The Office? 

I have bitched about commercials enough on this site and will continue to do so. I have been asking for weeks now for someone in the advertising world to explain to me why we can’t have all these viral ads as actual commercials in the US. Here is what UConn Dude sent me.  What do you think?

Since you asked, I think those are real European ads.  But all the major networks have a “network clearance” department and they chose their own standards.  Usually it is based on upper management’s perception of what should be acceptable.  ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX all have network clearance departments.  Sometimes an ad will be accepted on ABD and FOX, but not the others – that sort of thing.  CBS is usually the strictest.  I would see them having major issues with the dead girl one, and the vibrator, maybe letting the sneaker one through.

They can also stipulate that certain ones run “after 10PM”, and many times if an agency argues, and tells their rep over at the network saying “IKEA spent $20MM with you this year” push it through, they will usually find some agreement.  In some cases though, the clearance department flat out says no, no matter how much you argue or spend.  The network could ultimately get bad press for airing a questionable spot, and they always seek to avoid that.

They know ad agencies can edit the spots and offer suggestions of what they would accept.

Then the agency needs to decide if it takes away the creativity of the spot or not.  It’s a whole big song and dance, usually involving several decision makers and several hours of production.  The worst is when you send a storyboard to the networks, they approve it, then you go spend $350K producing, and they reject the produced spot – even when they’ve seen the storyboard.  Clients always blame the agencies for that, but sometimes there is nothing the agency could have done differently.  The clearance approvers say “now that we see it produced, it is too risque or violent” or whatever.  They know they are screwing the agency – they don’t do that often – but it happens.

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