NFL Postseason Week #1

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Last year’s fairy tale quarterback got punched in the mouth. Drew Brees and the Saints went into Seattle “The False Start City” and found out what a lot of teams found out this season, that every team  has an equal chance to win on every Sunday. The Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch ran slowly, surely and right over the defending champs (see video below).  Seattle’s QB Matt Hasselbeck showed the world that if you throw the ball where it should to be thrown usually good things happen. The Seahawk’s head coach Pete Carroll won this game with a staunch refusal to lie down and give up. He believed in his player’s ability and they believed in the plays he called — that’s why they won. On the other hand, the Saints head coach and his players probably believed in each other but the “false start city” is never an easy place for an away team  to win.

The NFL’S poster boy got the carpet pulled out from  the bottom  of his feet. The Jet’s head coach Rex Ryan is pompous, verbose, but still determined. He managed the game better than Payton Manning and that is why New York won the game. To beat Manning you must keep the ball out of his hands. When the game entered its final seconds, the pesky Wildcat formation reared its head in New York’s offensive attack. Coach Ryan used his weapons to the best of his ability and sucked up the game clock. Indianapolis’s kicker sealed the game with three points with just enough time left for New York’s kicker to do the same thing but the Jet’s actually sealed it with no time left. The Colts were bit by the same three-point field goal philosophy that they have won with time and time again. Coach Ryan got his revenge over the Colts but now he has to face a real coach with a healthy defense in New England next week.

Ray Lewis and gang brought the hammer down and displayed the real muscles of the AFC. The AFC plays hard-core smash-mouth football and that sentiment is perfectly represented by the AFC North. Teams like Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Cincinnati play no-nonsense power football and give the NFL its true aggressive in-your-face attitude. On Sunday the Ravens went into Kansas City and showed the Chiefs how legitimate cold-weather playoff football should be played. The Ravens had more of the raw desire and that showed on the field. The Chiefs offense gave up few if any turnovers this entire season but in just one game the Ravens forced them  to give it up five times. I hope the Chiefs fans enjoyed their time in the limelight.

Michael Vick’s elusiveness was exposed because of his lack of fundamentals. Clay Matthews and the rest of the Packer defense shut Vick down. The game had a lot of momentum  changes but the Packers defense was relentless and their QB Aaron Rodgers was dependable and did enough to get the win. Vick was unpleasantly surprised more than a couple of times and for him  that usually translates into losses. When flustered, Vick pulled some awesome plays out of nowhere like usual but at times his throws were errant and he was mad dashing while his receivers were wide open down the field. Philadelphia lost the game because Vick had an off day and Vick was off because Green Bay’s defense got in his head.

There was nothing that came cheap in the first week of NFL’s post season. The teams that won this week had the better game plan, higher expectations, more confidence and now have another game to get ready for next week.

by Tony Fantano

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