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Lots of things in this world are absurd or border the absurd. The ‘San Diego City Council’ voting on a 5.9% water bill hike then running the sprinklers in the middle of the day off  the I-15 is just one of them……..sad and not funny. However, today I found the absurd and funny while browsing the web. The title of the article reads, “Man claims Glaxo drug made him ‘gay sex addict’. That’s right folks. A 51 year old French father of 2, is claiming the British pharmaceutical giant, ‘GlaxoSmithKline’, which produces a drug that helps treat Parkinson’s Disease, converted him into a gay sex/gambling addict. The lawyer representing this gentleman claims that his erratic behavior first started after being administered the drug back in 2003. As a result, Didier Jambart, has attempted suicide three times, claims that he became addicted to internet gambling, causing him to loose his family’s savings and resorted to theft to keep up with his addiction. But the suffering continued for Didier. It also caused him to become a compulsive gay sex addict, who began exposing himself on the internet and cross dressing. Because of his actions, he was involved in dangerous sexual encounters which caused him to be raped. So what’s the bottom line? He’s asking the courts to award him 450,000 euros ($610,000) in damages from ‘Glaxo’. I guess legal frivolity runs rampant in France too. ~ Cpt Harris

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