News Of The Absurd- 2 Year Old Gets Served Booze

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I’m angry. Angry that at my age I still get carded.  Apparently if you want to get your drink down, all you have to do is go to ‘Applebee’s Restaurant. That’s what happened to 15 month old ‘Dominic Dill-Reese’ recently. He went to his local Applebee’s just outside of Detroit with his parents.  Dom’s parents ordered him an apple juice. After taking it down, his parents noticed that something was off. You see, he took a bit of an early evening siesta. After waking up, he was being super chatty and elated with the restaurant patrons. He would strike up conversations with strangers saying ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ and had no inhibitions. Apparently someone had mislabeled the Margarita mix as apple juice. As soon as Dominic’s parents realized what had happened, they contacted their local police and took Dominic to the hospital. Once there they were informed that Dominic was lucky that he didn’t have a full cup, otherwise he could have died.  Applebee’s  released a statement apologizing for the incident and has launched an investigation with the police to find out how this happened. ~Cpt Harris

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