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Cell phones have already come such a long way and I only see them becoming more and more advanced.  Soon, you will not have any need for a  home computer. Your cell phone will just plug into a monitor and key board and boom, you are all set up.    I finally stepped up on Friday and upgraded to the Droid. I have been holding off for as long as I could but finally broke down.  I traded in my phone that was the size of a small microwave and now am with the times.  So, now I am learning about all these new applications for phones and by just having the damn thing for 4 days I can’t believe how I lived without it.  I am now tweeting and following a bunch of people on Titter. I used to rip Twitter and now am a junkie.  Speaking of which, make sure you follow on Twitter HERE.With all this said how far can phone applications go?  I bet you never thought you could use your phone to test a potential partner for STD’s.   Yes, you read that right.   Read below.

Research is currently being done in the United Kingdom to develop a cell phone chip that, when pissed on, can detect within minutes whether or not you have an STD.  Though it sounds a bit off-putting and messy, imagine how conveniently awesome that technology could be!  Not only would it make having “the talk” less awkward, but you would know for sure right then and there if that girl you just picked up at the local bar is herpes-free before your beer goggles even have a chance to wear off!  Now, if only they can invent a “walk of shame” app for the morning after to go with that.  Looks like all of my single friends will be receiving prepaid cell phone cards for Christmas next year!  ~Az’s Finest

Your Cell Phone Might Soon Be Able To Detect STD’s

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