Never Mess with a Woman Bigger Than You

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We went downtown on Saturday night for a fundraiser and on the way down we were stuck in traffic in San Diego.  I was looking out the window and I saw this woman kicking the shit out of two men.  She was a big woman and the guys were decent sized, but she was just throwing them around like they were  pillows.  It reminded me of this video from 1993.  I have posted it before, but had to bring it back…..

You know that this video leaking out caused this poor guy all kinds of problems. I am sure it took him many, many years, to live this down if that’s even possible.  So, me bringing it out of the archives again is really going to cause some problems. I am hoping that eveyone that sees this forwards it to their entire address book.  Imagine this comnig back to haunt the guy 17 yrs later.  You figure he is on his way to work at Walmart and thinking it’s going to be a pretty good day and then bam, the ground just falls from under him.  People at work start pointing at him and whispering.  He thinks “what are they talking about?  What did I do?”  Then panic sets in.  He starts to sweat and starts having flash backs.  Could this be happening again?  Well let me tell you, the answer is, YES!  It is back and better than ever. I have probably watched this 30 times in my life and still am not sick of it – it just gets better and better.  He throws his first punch and hits her pretty good.  His fist bounces off her like a mosquito and then she moves in fot the attack. He tries so hard and she just drags him up and down the street. I love when the Police cars pulls onto their street and you think ok it is over.   Hell no it isn’t, he just cruises by and the beating continues.   This woman is one strong person. I would put Shawn Merriman up against her in a fight.  I saw him at the bowling alley few weeks back and he looked small. I mean he is still a big guy, but you can tell he is off the juice.  I was expecting a much bigger tougher looking dude. Maybe it is his bad haircut.  Anyway….. Rollers, kick back in your chair, refill your coffee and grab a donut because you are in for a treat.  Don’t forget to send this to everyone you know!   TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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