Mountain West Showdown

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Here we go again. Our San Diego State Aztecs will take their shot at BYU for the third time this season. There is an old saying, that it’s really hard to beat a team three times in a row. Even though I do believe in the saying,the Aztecs just beat most of the Mountain West Conference for a third time in a row. I am trying to say that now in their third meeting the Aztecs need to find a way to stand on top of the mountain alone and overcome BYU. The other key to the game is the lack of BYU junior big man Brandon Davies who was suspended the rest of the season for having sex with his girlfriend. He broke the honor code and BYU doesn’t make up those strict rules for fun. He got down and a snitch somewhere caught him in the act and the rest is history.
Last night, the Aztecs defeated UNLV in the Mountain West Tournament’s semi-final. It took until the last ten seconds of the game to bury the dagger and slay UNLV on their home court. In the final moments, UNLV had the ball on offense with the game tied and thirty seven seconds left on the clock. The Aztecs stepped up forced the turn over, DJ dribbled the ball up the court waited for a lane drove it and popped up a floater four feet from the basket. He drained the shot with four seconds left and UNLV had pretty much given up. The Aztecs punched their ticket to face Jimmer for the third and final time. These are the match ups that legends are made out of. These high stakes games and buzzer beaters is what March is all about and the Aztecs are in the thick of it. Mountain West Conference Championship SDSU vs BYU, only make sense. This game is gonna be huge.  I made up a montage of the footage that I shot from the regular season check it out if you want to get pumped up to face Jimmer. Let’s Go Aztecs.  ~Tony Fantano

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