Miss USA Photos Raise Eyebrows

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Miss USA Photos Raise Eyebrows

By Liana Maeby | Monday, May 10, 2010, 2:03 PM

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Miss Utah, Katya Dmitrievna Feinstein
Fadil Berisha/Miss USA

Over in the beauty pageant world, the gloves — and some of the clothes — have come off. The Miss USA contest is under fire for posting racy lingerie photos of its current crop of contestants.   Title of article should be Miss USA Photos Raise mens cocks.

In a bedroom-inspired, black-and-white shoot, the 51 models — representing the 50 states and Washington D.C. — lounge about in open button-downs and suggestive underthings. Miss South Carolina, Rachel Law, poses in a white corset top, while Bethany Gerber as Miss Kansas wears nothing but a men’s dress shirt barely held in place.  Ok, they are running for fucking Miss USA.  This is not the Miss Saudi Arabia contest where the women have to wear blankets, 5 pairs of long underwear and have 2 inch hair all over their body.  Enough with the conservative pussies out there……this is 2010 and there are girls in Jr High wearing less than these photos portray. Miss USA should be allowed to show some skin and look hot.   What, do you want Janet Reno up there on stage?  I want to see what these people look like that are doing the complaining. I bet they could tell you a good story on why we shouldn’t be in Iraq, that we should be against SB 1070 because we all need to have a fair chance, we all don’t need to be given things and should earn them. They don’t look good in lingerie so they stay home; Mercedes over here, looks amazing in a thong and unbuttoned white mens shirt so she gets to be on tv.  Life isn’t fair, get used to it.

 The sexy pics were part of a shoot titled “Waking Up in Vegas” and are displayed on the Miss USA website’s (click here) contestants page, which is meant to introduce this year’s hopefuls. It’s a pretty big departure from the traditional method of introducing beauty pageant contenders (or anyone, for that matter).  Guess what, the old way was just gettting plain boring.  People want to see the best of the best and want them being super hot.  I don’t care if she can’t spell the work “it” as long as she is hot and laughs at my stupid jokes. I will let her SMD all day long.  With all the access to the internet and 500 tv chanels we don’t have time to watch a cute girl from Arkansas and that’s it.  There are millions of poeple in the state so find me a smoking hot one to put on my tv set and I will watch it.

2009’s contestant page saw the women styled in a glamorous — and much more covered up and traditional — ’40s style shoot.  This is like my ex-wife telling me Lucy was a beautiful woman.  Maybe she was back in the 40’s or 50’s, but today she is not hot. People, stop living in the past.  How long has this contest been running?  It’s been YEARS and we just now get Miss USA in a thong.  What has taken them so long?  Let me guess.  The rating suck and Miss Guam has beaten us in the Miss Universe  3 years in a row because our girl just wasn’t hot enough

The Miss USA site still has gown photos, but they’re now a click-through away. And the standard swimsuit set remains for 2010’s contestants as well.

 [See photos of previous Miss USA contestants.]

Rest of Aricle here  who cares.. how about the hot photo’s above? Some of them are material for when the girlfriend is out with her friends and I have the night off.  If any of you girl readers want to post a comment or email me directly on how disagree please do so, but be sure to include a photo of your fat ass so you can prove my point.  Iceberg@RollinSD.com

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