Miami in the Finals Who Would have Guessed it?

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Was “The Decision” successful? Not many can make a strong argument that Lebron James did not make the right move in choosing Miami. They just advanced to the NBA finals over the one-seeded Chicago Bulls. The last game of Chicago’s season was stolen away by Miami. Derek Rose, Chicago’s leader and shining star got man-handled in the games last two minutes when James and company shut Chicago down. It was a demoralizing loss for Chicago. To see their star player get rejected on the season’s final shot was down-right devastating. Throughout the entire fifth game Chicago was working to choke off any attempt Miami was making to close out the series. Chicago had the lead most of the game but Miami hung around and in the last two minutes Miami made their move. Lebron sunk a clutch three-pointer to tie up the game. Derrick rose took the ball down the court got stood-up and he basically gave away the game. Miami scored another two points and Chicago’s Rose put up a wayward shot but was luckily fouled. He made the first shot but missed the second. Miami got the ball and Chicago quickly fouled Chris Bosh. Bosh drained both free throws and with a hurried air ball the two team’s fates were sealed. Miami’s story of a season was on it’s way to the finals. Chicago just had to throw in the towel because they couldn’t compete at Miami’s level.
In retrospect looking back on Lebron’s decision last summer it is crazy to see what the hype has grown into. After choking in the clutch most of the season Lebron has located his propensity to sink the game-winning shots. Miami has the momentum but Dallas has the veterans. The team that wants it more and also has the poise to avoid stupid mistakes will take the 2011 NBA crown. Before the NBA finals get started, I want to ask that familiar question that most analysts questioned during the aftermath of The Decision. Why didn’t they just put Miami in the finals before the season even started? by: Tony Fantano

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