Mexicali Earthquake

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[hana-flv-player video=”http://www.sdchix.com/video/earthquake.flv” width=”400″ height=”330″ description=”” player=”4″ autoload=”true” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” autorewind=”true” clickurl=”http://www.sdchix.com/video/earthquake.flv” /]

I wrote a post on this a few weeks back; I was at a friends house for a bbq and had a ton of beers and shots. I was pretty cocked, but holy shit after seeing this video I am glad I was.  I am also thinking I was more fucked up than I originally thought.   At first I am watching this thinking, ok, when is the scary face going to pop up?   Then I start to think, the guy is moving his camera a lot because there is some hottie in the room he is checking out that I can’t see and he must be jerking off with his other hand.  Then the fucking water starts flying around like a 10,000 lb Shamu just jumped into it.  Or….. it was a video from a cruise ship pool and the boat just jumped off a 50 foot wave.  I am not a big fan of earthquakes, but have really never  been afraid of them.  Aftter watching this videa I am now scared.  It looks like something from out of a movie when the earth is coming to its end……   Iceberg@RollinSD.com

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