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Men Love Breasts

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A few weeks back, TMTMTL asked me if I would like to begin contributing my smart ass two cents to Rollin SD.  This of course, is an opportunity that I can’t pass up!  Knowing that this site primarily caters to men brings a bit of a challenge, so what better topic is there to discuss than breasts?  Now, I know what you’re thinking, Gigi just wrote about them last month in her article “Is There Such a Thing as a Bad Boob?”.   We both know that you’re full of shit (and that your girlfriend/wife is probably standing over your shoulder right now) if you’re complaining out loud about yet another entry concerning the female bosom.

I’m actually going to reference an article taken from Men’s Health magazine written by Mike Zimmerman entitled “5 Women-Approved Secrets About Breasts”.  One “secret” in particular caught my attention, which states that “in bed [men] know nothing about them” because they’ll either touch a woman the way they themselves like being touched (typically on the rough side) or the way a previous partner enjoyed it.  Their advice was for you guys to pretend as though you’ve never seen or touched your lover’s breasts before so that it can feel like a new experience each time you’re together.  Though not a novel idea, it is useful and can definitely be applied to other areas of your love life, but I’d like to know what you think.  Would men like for women to follow the same principle?  Or is it a question of trying to fix something that’s not broken once she’s mastered doing things exactly the way you like them?  Post your comments below and let’s see what we can come up with.

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