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RollinSD’s Tom Searcy was lucky enough to get a quick interview with Shoreline Rootz lead man Ryan Thorpes also known as Rasta Ryan. Don’t miss out on this show! We will have an interview with E.N. Young who will also be performing soon so stay tuned!

RollinSD: How would you describe your music?An organic breath of So-Cal freshness! We have a clean, crisp archival-reggae feel with blues, rock & jazz undertones

RollinSD: Where did the name Shoreline Rootz come from?I came up with the name about 5 yrs. before the band assembled; Initially, it was the name of my collection of solo / original music.

RollinSD: Where did you play your first show?Our fist show was at the Calypso Cafe, in Leucadia, Ca. It was a three-piece, 2hr collage of 2 months of loose rehearsal!  I worked there as a busser with our bass player Jonam, who was the Bartender/ Manager at the time. Great environment for a debut.

RollinSD: What message does your music send?We’re pushin’ Consciousness! The message is Love & Respect to all Life. Beckoning compassion with a call for Equality. Graciousness and Praise toward the Gift of Life

RollinSD: Where would you like to see Shoreline Rootz in the next 10 years? WORLD TOURS! I see many albums and billboards, sold-out stadiums, compilations, awards and travel. I see the world unfolding to the desires of our vision.

RollinSD: Describe the feel of Reggae Music and what it means to you “who feels it, knows it” is the best way to answer this one. To me, reggae is the music for the masses; music with a message. there is knowledge and wisdom in every corner of it, and it lives on to shine light for the next generations..consciousness in progression..if music is the most universally understood language in the world, this music speaks to everyone

RollinSD: Where is Reggae headed? What is the future of Reggae Music? The movement and music is taking on more attention all the time, i’ve noticed. it’s wonderful to see how it really brings strangers together for joyous interactions. I feel that the masses are tuning in, steadily, with ears wide open to the struggles in the world, right now, and realizing that most of them due to false fears & judgement. I expect that reggae music will continue to be the cohesiveness that unites righteous heart & minded people.

RollinSD: What would you like to say to your local listeners in San Diego? I would like to give Thanks for all the amazing, interesting and positive people that have come through to support this band! it is through your attention that we are able to experience these new wonderful places and continue to write the music that we love sooo much to hear! Your participation means the world to us!!Thank you to every single person out there that has uttered the name Shoreline Rootz!!

RollinSD: Who are your biggest musical influences? One thing that always changes with growth! i’ve always been attracted to the Jamaican reggae movement from the 60’s to the 80’s & early 90’s. I feel the emotion and the love for life more acutely in those early recordings (Burning Spear, B.M.W., Augustus Pablo, Dennis Brown, Israel Vibration, etc…). Like a history lesson in each song!

RollinSD: What would you tell the youths that are trying to get started playing music locally? Put your attention on what you want to achieve, and hold the faith. the world provides all kinds of avenues to help you achieve your goal… you must believe it

Make sure you check them out at 4th and B on Dec 9th.. buy your tickets here.~Tom Searcy

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