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Rollers, we bring you Cara, all the way from the Pacific North West and what a catch….. .. I was sitting at Las Olas in Solana Beach one day having a few cold ones with  a friend and talking about the website.  There was a lady and her mother sitting at the table sitting right next to us.  As they were leaving the lady came up to me and said I heard what you were talking about.  At this moment I am thinking I am getting a beer dumped on my head.  Instead she says, you need to call my sister Cara.  She is perfect for your site.   As the saying goes,  “…….and the rest is history”.

Cara I must admit when your sister said my sister is perfect for you I didn’t know what to expect.   Tell me a little about you and your back ground. At a young age I always had a passion for dancing, by the age of 10 I was in the spotlight dancing in Ballet and Jazz. I danced in such performances as The Nutcracker, Swan Lake and Annie. At 18 years old I was approached by the owner of a club asking if I would dance for them. That is when my go-go dancing career began. At that point, my go-go career had taken me to places like Michigan, Florida, Illinois, South Carolina and Canada. Go-go dancing opened up many doors in the modeling industry for me. I began full time modeling at 22. Got my first break with GM Motor’s, earning the cover of GM Pro Magazine and began working the auto shows for GM on a regular basis.

I hear the term go-go dancing a lot and images of girls with big haircuts and black rimmed glasses keep coming to mind.  Then I get a look at you and it takes me for a loop.  What is go-go dancing? A go-go dancer is the adrenaline and motivator of the evening. That is why we are hired, to make people want to have fun, dance and feel the passion and energy of the dancer. If you are there to just pretend to go-go dance it is felt through out the bar. Go-go dancing started so many years ago, but the past 5 years go-go dancing has made a come back hardcore. You will notice now there are not many bars with out go-go dancers. So guys, if you see a go-go dancer give her credit and appreciate her! We work 3-4 days a week, dancing high impact for 3 hours non-stop for you guys! 😉 I may go-go dance again, it is hard to walk away from something you love. Guess you will have to wait and see..

You just said guys if you see a go-go dancer, appreciate her.  Oh believe me we do, but what is the best way to approach you or a dancer? Okay guys I will say this, there are MANY girls who are full of themselves, and when a guy approaches them they stick up their nose and give him the look of death. There are many girls who do this, which makes me feel sorry for the guy’s because after so many times you have this fear to even try. I am old fashion. I like when the guy approaches me, so these girls who think they are God’s gift to the world make it hard for us real girls. I say “do it!” If a girl gives you the smelling a onion look, walk away and learn that you wouldn’t want someone like that in your life anyhow. TRUE FACT: You will find more drop dead gorgeous girls that are just as scared as you are. Many of us are humble and shy. I admit it, I am shy as hell! So there is nothing to be intimidated about, I am human just like everyone else and I won’t give you the smelling onion look, I promise. lol

So are you still go-go dancing? My main focus now is my business, promotional modeling and other forms of modeling. I have modeled for Maxim, Sex Appeal Magazine, She Magazine, Edge, 6 Degree’s and many more. I also have been on E! Entertainment for Sexiest Jobs (Go-Go Dancing). I am the official model for Dirty Shirty, Bangin Gear, and MDT Shirts.  My promotions company is www.Dollhousetalent.com

Tell me about Doll House Talent.    Do people call you to hire models for events? My agency offers female and male models. We also have models for promotional modeling, runway, spokes models, ring girls, go-go dancers, night club promotions, billboard, fitness, lingerie, swimsuit, print work, and marketing. We also hire out Dj’s, music artist’s, bouncers and bodyguards. I am sure you have seen some of our top model’s go-go dance in California such as Jeri Lee and Nikita Esco. Also, one of our most request female Dj’s, (who we use for ALL our special events) Sophia Lin aka DJ Hustle-Lin. If you get a chance to see these three ladies in action, do it!! You won’t be sorry!

Great, I am having a poker tourney in a few weeks and I would like to hire a few go-g0 dancers to dance, serve drinks and have a girl be a dealer. You are in Seattle so how do we do this? Well first off I can help you with your complete request. I have a girls all over the country that work for me and with enough advance notice I can find you exactly what you are looking for.

I like what I am hearing.  So, I can have you dancing at my event? Yes, but that will cost you more than if I find you a local girl.

So obviously I think you are smoking hot or I wouldn’t have you as a Rollin girl.  Have ever been in Playboy? Well Hugh if your reading this, ummmm… pretty please. lol

Now time for the photo’s, but before checking out her gallery I think it is only appropriate to play this song in the back ground.. Boom, here comes the Boom, how you like me now.. you are going to definitely like Cara. SONG

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You mentioned you have a boy friend and are deeply in love.  What in a guy attracts you the most? Well since I have a man, I can’t date. However, when I did and if I still could. I look for 5 main things: Eyes, Great Smile, Sense of Humor, confidence but not be arrogant and he take prides in his appearance such as great teeth, works out, washes daily (lol), no dirt under nails and no picking his nose (gross) lmao. I don’t date for looks or money, I date a man that makes me happy, makes me feel beautiful and safe in his arms! If he lacks these things then I will move on.

Guys will want to know this – what is it like to date a girl like you?  Are you high maintenance or can you just kick back? Nope not at all high maintenance! I love to camp, fish, rock climb, horse back ride and I can live days with out my curling iron. Ok, so if you ever become single please don’t forget about me.  I love to do exactly those things and haven’t used a curling iron in years.  I think we may be a match…..

Cara sent me a list of Frequently asked questions I can post for the readers.  I can see a lot of the San Diego guy looking to hire girls for a few events in the near future.

1. What services do I offer? Go-Go Dancers, Ring Girls, Events & Promotional Models, Commercial, Runway, Fashion Models, Spokes Models, Fitness, Lingerie, Print and Swimsuit Models, DJ’S, Singers, Bouncers/Body Guards, Food & Beverage Promotions, Hostessing for VIP Events, Actress or Actors, Product Sampling, Sports Marketing, Bar/Night Club Promotions and more!

2. Are your Models just in Washington State? No, I have models all over the US. Such as Washington State, California, Arizona, North Carolina, Hawaii, Alaska, Las Vegas, Michigan, New York, and Florida. (More to come) Our corporate office is located in Seattle, Washington and we also have a branch in Hilo, Hawaii that our Regional Manager, Brenda Brear. We may open another branch in Miami, Florida.

3. How many Model’s can I hire? You can hire as many as you like, just depends on if they are available and time notice. I have had clients hire 2 model’s to 25 model’s.

4. What are the rates for your model’s? My rates depends on the job. For example if you hired a model for promotional modeling, rates go by hour, from $18-$50 an hour. If you wanted a go-go dancer, this also depends on who you pick, location, and duration. For example: you need 2 go-go dancers to dance a total of 3 hours, not including breaks, the event is located in San Diego and the dancers live approximately 15 miles away.The rate would be $175-$200 a girl. There is a $50.00 non-refundable booking fee per girl due 7 days before the event. This is to cover some cost if the event is canceled and they lost out on another job. Our highly requested go-go dancers can book out as low as $250 and as high as $900.

5. Can I pick the Model’s I want? Yes, you can. You can view all our female model’s on our website under “Our Female Models”. They are in order by state and it states if the are just a model or model and go-go dancer. Availability of the model also depends, as we have our highly requested dancers who book up fast.  You can see many of my models at www.dollhousetalent.com

6. If I wanted a Model from another state then where I live would I pay more? Yes. Depends on location. Airfare, transportation, and Hotel must be covered. (If the model has no friends or family they can stay with)

7. Who are your top 5 MOST requested model’s/go-go dancers? They would be: Jeri Lee, Nikita Esco, Paris Love (me), Naiomi Cruz and Nicole Gwen. We have several more, so please inquire.

8. Can I tip a go-go dancer or Model? Yes, of course. This is not included in the price, this is only if you choose too and not expected.

9. Are your model’s reliable and professional? Yes! I take great pride in who I hire. Every model signs a contact regarding being late and being professional, their attitude is a reflection of my company. I ask ALL my model’s to treat each job with respect.

10. When do I pay the model or go-go dancer? The remaining balance is to be paid to the model upon arrival, after she is dressed. Payment can also be made and mailed in advance to our corporate office.

11. Do you have references? Yes we do, several. You can read some of our testimonials on our site. If you would like more, I would gladly furnish them.

12. Do you do anything else then just book the models?

Oh YES! I am a firm believer that it doesn’t stop the moment the model is booked. If your event needs to be promoted to bring in more bodies, we will gladly promote your event on our main website under “up coming events” and we will also place your event on all other sites we promote on, such as facebook, myspace and modeling sites. Our model’s and go-go dancers do face to face invites as well. Each model/go-go dancer also have a fan base that follows as well.

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