Mayday Parade at the House of Blues on November 3rd

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The Mayday Parade is coming to San Diego’s House of Blues on November 3rd. The show will be epic and these rockers from the south bring back memories of in-your-face bands like New Found Glory and The Ataris. The show should be a lot of fun since Mayday Parade from Fearless Records already know about San Diego’s world-famous music scene.  RollinSD’s Tony Fantano had a chance to talk to the band and here is what went down.

Who are all the members of the band and where are you from?Derek sanders – singer, Jeremy Lenzo – bassist, Brooks betts – rhythm guitar, alex Garcia – lead guitar, Jake Bundrick – drummer. We are from Tallahassee Florida.

Where and when did the band form and how has that influenced the sound of the band?  The band was formed in 2005 in our hometown Tallahassee Florida. We grew up listening to alot of 90s and early pop punk, I think that has played a big role in shaping the vocal melodies of the band and where we draw influence.

How has the tour been going and have you heard anything about San Diego before?   The tour has been going great. We have been extremely happy with the turn

Outs and love all the bands on the tour. For the second half of that question, yes we have heard of san Diego and have been many times 🙂

 What are some of the highs and lows of being a part of MayDay Parade?The lows would be leaving your loved ones behind to go on the road, but honestly other then that, it’s all highs!

 Does Mayday parade know how to party after the show or are you guys all business?   We for sure know how to party. We always try and convince the other bands to stay longer so we don’t have to keep partying by ourselves. So far they havent been able to hang, but on the next short drive I’m sure things will get crazy!

Which song that you have best symbolizes the direction May Day parade is growing in?  Off the new record, It would be ohwell, ohwell. It hAs a little bit of everything that is mayday parade.

Which band member embodies the mysticism of the rocker spirit in May Day parade? Why them?   Maybe Brooks. He looks alot like Bon jovi. Not sure why him, but he just has that spark.

Get Ready San Diego these guys from MayDay Parade are ready to rock.  See you all at the House of Blues tonight   ~Tony Fantano

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