Mat Latos Getting Things Started In Spring Training

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With Pitchers and Catchers about to report that Padres Pitcher Mat Latos is pouring a little gasoline on the team and the Padres and Giants rivalry.  To have the Padres not make the playoffs last year and to have the Giants sneak in and then win the World Series is not sitting well with some of the team.   The San Diego Padres pitcher signed 3 baseballs last fall for American Icon Autographs with the inscription of  “I hate SF!”   The three baseballs are being featured on eBay with a buy-it-now price of $299.99 and 50% of the proceeds with go to the MLB Players Alumni Association.  Well two balls have been sold and the only one left can be purchased now for $499.99  Purchase Matt Latos I hate SF Ball RollinSD talked to owner of American Icon Autographs Sean Jacoby and asked him about the signed balls.  Sean said that he had a signing at his store last fall and was talking to Mat about the season.  Mat was telling him how at the end of the season when they were playing in Pac Bell that the fans in San Francisco were throwing things at him and talking a lot of trash to his wife.  So Sean said “Why don’t you sign 3 balls that say ‘I hate SF’ and we can sell them and give 50% of the proceeds to a charity”.  Mat laughed and said “This is great”.  Sean stated, “Mat never said he hated SF or anything like that but I could tell he was still upset from how the season ended and that there is definitely no love lost for the Giants.”  The “I hate SF” was done in fun and for a good cause.    Now bid on this ball before it is gone. Purchase Matt Latos I hate SF Ball This is will surely be a collectors item in years to come.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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