Massage With A Happy Ending

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Ok, so everyone is always talking about massages with happy endings.  It is kind of what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  The massage with the happy ending is now the new fun saying.  I even remember Drama from Entourage going to one a few years back.  What’s the deal with them anyways?  I like to party with the rest of them and feel like I am pretty crazy, but don’t feel the need to pay a girl to fool around.  Call me conceited or old fashioned or just a pussy, I don’t care.  I will say I have been tempted to go and always chicken out at the last minute. I fear the one time I do go, the police are going to come busting through the door.   I’ll be cuffed and brought out to their car naked with my little fella standing straight up in the air.   I am also terrified  that the one time I do go in, the lady is going to look like the lunch lady at my kids school.  So, my buddy sends me this video and now I am more interested than ever.  Just need to find the right spot in SD where the girls look like this.   Rollers, please help.   Iceberg@RollinSD.com

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