Monday Song Of The Day- Martin Campbell

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Today’s song comes from Martin Campbell. Campbell is an amazing Roots Reggae artist from the UK.  He released an album called, ‘San Diego Vibes’ that include tracks like “San Diego Bay” and “Clairmont Mesa Blvd”. He describes the goal of his music;  “My main aim is to continue to build and provide Roots-Reggae rhythms with a certain ‘feel’ or character for artists to voice. I think that the pace of the world is moving too fast and sometimes it’s nice just to slow the tempo a little. There’s plenty of the usual styles of music around, but I’d like to try and preserve something that’s more lasting and more permanent.  After all, why should everything sound the same? It just becomes boring and staid.”

For all you San Diegans getting paid today or tomorrow, this is my payday song.  ~Tom Searcy

John is a badass motha fucka

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