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Marianne Fredericks – Get tattooed by this local hottie

We hung out with Marianne Fredericks for this weeks hottie exclusive.

Quiditch. That’s about the only sport I know….. Marianne Fredericks


Marianne Fredericks

Where are you from Marianne Fredericks?

I was born and raised in San Diego California.


What do you do for work?

I’m a model and artist from San Diego, CA. I travel frequently to LA for shoots, and ship my art world wide. For booking you can hire me, my work email to contact me at is


What are your turn-ons and turn-offs?

Turn on: a man who has his shit together. Cheesy, cliche, and buys flowers for you/ believes in Valentine’s Day and wedding rings.

Turn off: when random guys send dick pics over social media.


How would you describe yourself?

Artistic, creative, eccentric.


What is your favorite food and why?

My favorite food to eat would probably be Mexican food.. Growing up in Southern California you’re so close to Mexico, and my family is mainly Mexican. (We always had great meals in the house growing up)




What’s your favorite spot to go out with your girls in San Diego?  Do you hit the town Friday nights or are you more of a homebody?

I’m a home body, so I rarely ever go out unless it’s for work. I spend most of my time drawing, painting, reading, or playing my PlayStation games.


Who’s got the best California Burrito in town?  

Oooohhh, good question. The best California burritos in town… Probably Rigoberto’s.


What catches your eye in a guy first?

Manners. Being a gentleman, and being okay with just being your friend.


Have you ever been surfing?  Are you interested in learning?

I’ve always been interested in learning how to surf. Being that I’ve grown up in San Diego- you’d think that I’ve probably been surfing before. (or at least attempt) It’s definitely on my bucket list of things to do.


Marianne Fredericks 4


Where are you sexier, Friday night in a black dress or Sunday morning in an oversized t shirt?

Definitely feel sexier all done up. Makeup and a cute outfit goes a long way.


What are Songs or Groups that put you in the mood to have some fun?

Songs or groups that put me in the mood to have some fun are paramore, Drake, etc. my music taste is pretty much all over the place. You can see a lot of my lip singing videos to songs on my snapchat story (Maritattoos)


Catch a man looking at your neckline, do you call him out with “eyes up here” or no worries for first time offender?

Just turn around and walk away.


Do you have tan lines?

I’ve only fake tanned once in my life, being that I can’t get a normal tan. I automatically turn red, then back to white.  Too much work, I just stay pale.


Marianne Fredericks 5


Movies that have you laugh out loud?

Movies that are funny to me would be Ted, white chicks, and This is the end.


You have an amazing body so I just have to ask because I would love to be a fly on your shower wall.  When you get out of the shower do you just stand in front of the mirror and smile and say damn, I am blessed?  If not, what part of your body do you wish you could change?

I do mirror checks before showers sometimes haha, no lie.  I wouldn’t change any part of my body because it’s what makes me, me. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Love yourself before you should love anyone else.


Do you have a special work out routine you follow to stay in this kind of shape?

That’s the thing- I HATE working out. Running- no thanks. The only time you’ll see me running is if somethings chasing me, in that case you better run too, haha.


What would a guy have to do or say to make you blush?

The best compliments are about my art. Those are always the ones that really resonate with me.


Which describes you better “Teach an old dog new tricks or deflower the paperboy?”

I’ve never even heard of the paperboy one.   So I’ll go with teach an old dog new tricks!


Where would a guy meet up with on your day off or night out Marianne Fredericks?

I’d probably suggest to eat. You can never go wrong with food.


Marianne Fredericks 6


What do you find attractive that most women don’t?

When a guy can dress up in a costume or whatever, and not be self conscious, or refuse to put it on.


Have any tattoos/piercings you can’t see with clothes on?

Most of my tattoos are pretty out there. I would have to say my leg ones are the most hidden. I have 2 thigh pieces, a calf piece, 2 ankle pieces, and top of the foot.


Do you sleep in PJ’s , tee shirt and panties or naked?

Whatever I find first usually is what I’ll wear to bed. Mostly mix match comfy things.


Sports fan?  If so, what is your favorite team?

Quiditch. That’s about the only sport I know…..


Thong, granny panties or bootie shorts? 



Marianne Fredericks 7


Best and worst pick up line?

Best: Here’s some flowers and chocolates, put on your favorite dress were going out to dinner.

Worst: did you fall from heaven? (Or some bullshit)


Tell me a joke…

Are you a white Walker? Because I want you to have my babies. (Game of Thrones)


You like your man with big biceps or bit of a beer belly?

Big biceps no question..but I always get the beer belly ones. Lol. Must be because I love beer myself.




Would you prefer a Boy toy or a man who takes control?

A man who takes control in the right way. I don’t need a person controlling me (or trying to- won’t work) but taking charge as far as dates go, and being sweet is nice.


Show him what you like or give him subtle clues as you go?

Both. The things I like are an open book.


Favorite words?













Marianne Fredericks Shot by Splooshee


Thanks Marianne Fredericks.  If you like Marianne and you want to see more photos go check out and her instagram @mariannefredericks

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