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Do people really have nothing else to do with their lives?  Come on……go out, buy a book, do laundry, clean the house, read to your kids or do something more productive than wasting  time stressing over a store with mannequins that have large racks.  Look at what is behind the mannequin in the photo – anal lube, butt plugs (ok I made this up, but it will make you look at the photo closer) and much more. It’s a lingerie store.  Lingerie is for attractive women and non attractive women that want to wear it.  I don’t get upset or think it’s not fair when Mens Health has ads with a guy in tight undies  and a huge hog.  Get over it people;  the store down the road sells sex toys.  That’s what they do and if you don’t like it don’t shop there.   I walk by Fredricks of Hollywood with my kids hoping my two boys notice the hotties in the front and my daughter says, wow that girl has a nice body, maybe I should lay off the donuts.   Seriously, men like thin women with big racks just like women like guys who are in shape, have a full head of hair and are hung like a can of spray paint. I guess I need to start working out more, keep my hat on my head and smuggle a cucumber in my shorts.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com


Tarzana Store Under Fire for ‘Big-Bosomed’ Mannequins

The mannequins’ triple-D-sized breasts are apparently too much for some residents.



TARZANA, Calif. — A lingerie store in Tarzana is causing controversy because of its big-bosomed, scantily-clad mannequins displayed in the front window.

The storefront of Susie’s Delight on Ventura Boulevard features mannequins with tiny waists and triple-D-sized breasts — more voluptuous than your average department store mannequins.

Some residents say the window dressings aren’t dressed enough and are too sexually-suggestive. They’ve taken their complaints to City Hall.

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