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Dallas Man Arrested For Breaking Into Homes And Tickling Butts

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tickling buttsYes, you read the headline correctly. The police arrested a Dallas man for breaking into homes and tickling butts.  I have heard of weird fetishes, but this one takes the cake.  He was known by locals as the Booty Tickler.  Not sure why the guy would do this and how guys didn’t wake up and simply kick the shit out of the guy, but from the story it seems like he had been doing it for months.  I would give the guy a break if he was doing it to hot chicks, but just to guys?

He was also thought to be a homeless man, but when he was arrested he was found to be wearing over $4500 in “Yezzus” clothing.  I have no idea what Yezzus clothing is, but thinking this can’t be a big endorsement for them.  Just found out Yezzus is a Kayne West Clothing Line and this piece of shit deserves some bad PR.
People were so afraid of this happening to them that they would only sleep on their backs.  Well, the people of Tarrant County can not all sleep tight and also sleep on their stomachs if they choose to do so.

John is a badass motha fucka

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