Lizzie Hopkins- RollinSD’s latest local hottie

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Lizzie1 email-1Rollers, meet Lizzie Hopkins- RollinSD’s latest Local Hottie.  We were lucky enough to feature Lizzie a few years back on the site and now even more lucky to have her returning and looking hotter than ever.  Guys and girls you are going to love this feature.

Where are you from and where are you living now? I am originally from Santa Cruz, CA. I moved to San Diego to attend San Diego State; graduated, and now live in Orange County, where I am currently focusing on modeling.

IMG_2892What did you like most about San Diego? I love everything about San Diego. The weather, the people, the beaches, the food, the different parts of town. Anything you would like to change? There isn’t anything I would change about it, really. Although I don’t currently live there, I am close enough and visit at least once a month for modeling gigs and to see friends.

Tell me about how you got into modeling? I started modeling at age 15. I actually did bridal runway back then and my mom signed me up for modeling workshops that taught me how to pose, walk a runway, do my own makeup, etc.

GZ1A9909-EditWhat are your goals for your career? It’s been my passion ever since I started modeling. Although I have been mostly a glamour model thus far, I am now aiming for more editorial and lifestyle type shots to add to my portfolio. However, I am open to all ideas and projects that come my way. My experience is in print work, runway modeling, event hosting, product promotions, trade show spokes model work, and I also know how to cocktail/bartend for special events.

If someone wanted to hire you what is the best way to get in touch with you? The best way to book me is via intagram (@lizziegirl831), where you can see my most recent photos, or simply through email

I see you have entered the Pink Lipstick Lingerie contest.    Yes, I was referred to the contest and figured why not give it a shot!  What girl doesn’t love lingerie?  What you get if you win? If I win, I receive a shoot with the company as well as $1000 worth of their lingerie! Not a bad prize. You are able to vote for me once a day via this link:    please vote daily and share this link on your facebook page and email to friends…. Thank you so much!

IMG_2935So if the RollinSD readers help you win the Pink LipStick Lingerie contest will you promise to send us new photos’ of you in your new lingerie? Yes for sure and would like to do a special photo shoot with your RollinSD photographer in my new lingerie.

What about showing up to a RollinSD event in your new lingerie? Yes definitely. Maybe a few of your infamous Charger Tailgates.  🙂

unspecifiedWhat is a typical weekday like for you?  I shoot almost every week day, usually at the beach or in a studio. On a day off, I run errands and try to make time to hang out with friends.

What is a typical weekend like for you? On weekends, I’m typically working out of town events and if not, I like to try to get out of town for fun.

Someone mentioned you have a B-Day coming up in June.. Any big plans? My bday is June 14th. I don’t have any big plans yet… but I’m sure I will do something exciting! Any special B-Day gifts you would like?  Funny you should ask.  Here is my amazon wish list Lizzie B-Day Wish List

560434_10100390854980527_531405545_nWhat is the sexiest part of a mans body? Ever just walk up to a guy and tell him he has a sexy….???  #1 on the appearance criteria list to me is height. I’m a sucker for tall guys. And yes I have approached a few tall guys and it has always ended well..

How would you describe yourself? I am fun-loving, outgoing, and a free spirit. My biggest vice is probably being stubborn.

Ever take advantage of your man while he was sleeping, in order to start a session? Not yet… but now you have me thinking about it.

Favorite food and why? Sushi. I just love raw fish soooo much. I genuinely crave it. Fresh fish is one of the best things for your body and it builds muscles, too. Go omega-3s!

10357651_274231816094473_1118516474774433834_oOn average how many penis photos do you get sent to you a week? ha. too many. some are snapchat videos, too, gross.

429286_10100258114787937_869730021_nYour dream location for a photo shoot and why? I’ve shot at almost every beach on the California coast, but I would love to shoot at a beach on the other side of the planet, like Australia or New Zealand.

Where are you sexier, Friday night in a black dress or Sunday morning in an oversized tshirt? I feel sexier in a black dress with heels on and with my hair and makeup looking perfect.   I think you could pull both off perfectly fine.

10848706_342547789262875_2251217347268729463_oSongs/Groups that put you in the mood to have some fun? My music taste is honestly all over the map. I tend towards classic rock or hip hop. Currently, my playlist includes everything from Young The Giant to Nine Inch Nails to The Doors to Wiz Khalifa to Drake and Kid Ink.

Catch a man looking at your neckline,do you call him out with “eyes up here” or no worries for first time offender? I usually say “my eyes are here” (laughing)

Do you have tan lines? no.

10630696_311080069076314_323192696486752001_oYou can go to a movie on a rainy day that you can watch over and over. What is it and why?  A Princess Bride. It never gets old. Its funny, clever, classic and reminds me of a time when movie sets were actually built by hand, not all computerized and writers used well thought out, subtle, sarcastic humor instead of just raunchy jokes to captivate an audience.

1610036_478776678973318_1791480457208034245_nYou have an amazing body so I just have to ask because I would love to be a fly on your shower wall. When you get out of the shower do you just stand in front of the mirror and smile and say damn, I am blessed? I am definitely genetically blessed but I try not to focus all of my energy on my appearance. I used to be obsessed with what I ate and working out every single day but honestly I am so much happier now enjoying food and my time and not stressing so much about looking perfect. Funny thing is, I look and feel better than ever!

Do you have a special workout routine you follow to stay in this kind of shape? I have not been able to work out for over a year, due to a back injury. I used to be a cross country runner and a gym rat so this past year has definitely given me a different perspective, but I’ve learned that I can still eat whatever I want (in moderation) and not work out and look/feel grea

_DSC5296 edited_1-2What would a guy have to do or say to make you blush? I am a hopeless romantic so little things make me blush, like bringing flowers or opening the door for me.

Which describes you better “Teach an old dog new tricks or deflower the paperboy?” Teach an old dog new tricks.  But you haven’t taken advantage of a man while he was sleeping?

Where would a guy meet up with on your day off or night out? I spend a lot of my working hours at events and in social settings so during my time off, I prefer to do more mellow things like visit museums and gardens/parks.

10649530_1387406371549710_117858492527446419_nHave any tattoos/piercings you can’t see with clothes on? no, I am the exception to the tattoo culture/phenomenon. I am a blank canvas and I love it that way.

Do you sleep in PJ’s , tee shirt and panties or naked? tee shirt and panties

Sports fan? 49ers, SF Giants, Warriors, and Sharks and SDSU basketball

What do you like best about being a girl? I love all the perks that come along with it, I love dressing up and feeling sexy, I love being treated like a princess sometimes, but I’m also independent and love having girly me days, getting my hair, tan, eyelashes and nails done!

You like your man with big biceps or bit of a beer belly? bit of a beer belly.  So that is why you are checking me out…  Thanks for taking the time today and we selfishly wish you lots of luck in Pink Lipstick Lingerie contest.  Looking forward to those photo’s and having you out to one of our Chargers Tailgates this year.10347781_317780638406257_4579571907771803197_n



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