Let’s Play Family Feud

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Let’s play a game of RollinSD Family Feud.   We surveyed 100 RollinSD readers with this question,  What is something you should not have in your car while driving?  Now think to yourself and write down the first 4 things that come to your mind.    Don’t read on. I am putting this photo of a hot chick’s ass before you read the answers so you will not scroll down to see the answers.  Let’s see how you do and if you could be on our first episode of RollinSD’s Family Feud.

Here are the answers and then number of responses to each.

1.   Beer or  Alchohol  51

2  Drugs   28

3  A gun  15

4  Illegal Immigrant 3

5 a hooker  2  (my favorite)

and the winner and only one person said it..

5  a 5 gallon bucket of paint…..


John is a badass motha fucka

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