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Learn From Your Mistakes

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I try to be a good dad. I let my kids do things on their own and they do make mistakes. I always give my wife a hard time when she helps them with homework because she basically does it for them.  My 2nd grader had his family tree project due and it  looked like some college student did it.  It was in 3D, had moving objects and a 9 inch LCD screen  {I am kidding wifey :-)}.    What I am saying is, to be a good parent you need to protect your children but, let them fail and hope they learn from their mistakes.   If they keep making the same mistake over and over, then there is a cause for concern.  So, encourage your children to take chances and push them to their limits, that is how they will grow and become better and stronger.  Most of you reading this are saying, what the hell is this guy talking about.  Go back to stupid jokes and hot chicks.  Well, I needed an introduction to the video below.  You can’t fault this guy for trying and sometimes it just isn’t in the cards.

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