Justin Bieber vs Tom Brady

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I have heard all about this for the past few days and have kept quiet until now.  I was giving the kid a break because I thought his name was Justin Beaver and I thought that was just kind of cool.  This little punk is going to be like every other teen star from years past.  He has no talent but is a cute kid.  99% of his fans are on youtube and I am not sure how many cds he has sold.  He is going to be the equivalent of Nick Carter from the Back Street Boys.  Real cute kid on the band, then he hit 19, got fat and was done.  Zach and Cody- cute little 14 year olds then puberty hits and then they are fat and washed up.  Bieber enjoy it while you can brotha. My man Tom Brady may have bad hair.  Actually he has horrible hair and is saying he won’t cut it because his wife won’t let him.  Excuse me Tom.  The last time I checked you had 3 Suprebowl rings and were the MVP of the Super Bowl a few times.  Justin, you will never be able to take that away from him.  Tom,  I don’t care if you are married to a super model.  Stop acting like a pussy and cut your hair if you want to and if you don’t want to just say it.  You blaming your wife, even if she doesn’t want you to cut it, makes you sound like even more of a pussy than you look .  (huge drive to beat Baltimore today though.)  Here is the video clip of Beaver, I mean Bieber, calling out Tom Brady.   He raps under the alias Shawty Mane –  “Mr. Brazy, tell him to leave his hair to the guy that sings baby.”  I had to look up who sang Baby and it is Bieber…….Either way the Patriots roll into SD to put a beating on the heartless Chargers this coming week even with a QB that has gay hair.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

John is a badass motha fucka

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