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There is one reason to watch the San Diego News……

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aloha croppedHave you ever tried to watch the news?  I have and I just get depressed.  All they talk about is someone getting shot, stabbed, car accidents, drug busts etc. I know dirty laundry sells (remember the   song..)   but we need to change it a bit.  People watch the San Diego weather on the News for 1 reason.. The chicks are hot. Why else would you need to tune in to find out that is going to be 72 and sunny tomorrow.  Two words “Aloha Taylor” Well news channels from around the country take note of this video.  Add in a women like this from time to time and your ratings will go through the roof. I watched this 3 times and had no idea what they were saying.  All I knew was I am so blessed to live in San Diego.  Enjoy this one Rollers and stay tuned for another feature on Aloha Taylor.. ~TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

John is a badass motha fucka

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