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RollinSD.com has been on the look out for a band that can tap into the culture of Southern California and express the San Diego lifestyle through song. RollinSD patrons the search is complete because Jet West is taking you on a trip from Santa Barbra down to Cabo San Lucas. Turn the up the volume and sink into the melodic vibes that Jet West stirs into the atmosphere. Their music is top-notch and their fan base lives to smile. Jet West will be playing an exclusive show at the Belly Up Tavern in Solona Beach at “Reggae De Mayo” on Cinco De Mayo (May 5 for those of us who are not bi-lingual.)
We asked them a few questions to get their perspective on the upcoming show and to learn more about how the band ticks. We want to find the secret to what makes Jet West’s music so accessible.
Jet West consists of five members: Derek Potter is from Texas and grew up in New Jersey and Chris Warner grew up in Los Angeles. Scott Floquet, Deren Schneider, and Jim Rogers were all born and raised in San Diego. Everyone in the band currently lives in San Diego. They started in the fall of 2008 when the guys came together to have fun just making some music.  The band got its bearings and honed their craft performing at house parties all over San Diego.  Jet West picked up trumpet player Jim Rogers at Sushifish Recording Studio’s while recording their album “Dropping In”.
In Jet West’s opinion, their best show was their CD Release Party back in September 2010 at SoundWave.  They showcased their music and played for six hundred family, friends and fans. The females in the crowd fell in love with the coastal harmonies and were drawn to the stage like bees to honey.  “All of our hard work and determination came to fruition that night as we released our first full length album.  Playing to a packed house at SoundWave with our home-town fan base was a blessing and a night to remember.” says Chris Warner
Jet West wants to reach their listeners with a message that embraces living your life like you are on a warm beach with a cold beer.  “We try to live, love and laugh as much as possible as it’s contagious and a great way to achieve your goals.” say Warner.
The band is all about San Diego and its local music. Jet West believes strongly in supporting the live music scene. With some influences like Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden and Stevie Wonder you know they are into rocking for the people. They support the community and want to create a following that is supportive of creative expression and getting the best out of life. When not playing music Jet West is surfing, working, eating, socializing, smiling, laughing, chasing girls, and living the dream one day at a time.
The future is now and Jet West is flying forward.  They are partaking in multiple music festivals, starting to play in new states and already working on new material for their second album. “Our main goal is to continue developing all aspects of our band until we can partner up with management companies and/or record labels to help us achieve greater heights.” says Warner.
In the near future Jet West will be rocking at San Diego’s own Belly Up Tavern on Cinco De Mayo  for their “Reggae De Mayo Celebration.” The show starts at 8pm with Sunny Ride and J.A.M. Kwest are also preforming. The Belly Up Tavern is right on the beach so the Pacific breeze should be ready to cool down the audio blaze that Jet West will be sparking on the Belly Up’s stage.
Jet West wants their music to be the soundtrack for the southern Californian lifestyle. Mellow enough to warm up to but edgy enough to keep you on your toes. When I asked Chris Warner about one word that he would use to describe his band Jet West, he said “Euphoric.” In my opinion there is not a better word to describe good times in San Diego.
Jet West really is the “creme of the crop” when it comes to reggae and skate punk fusion.
Come out for Reggae De Mayo at the Belly up Tavern and see what Jet West is cooking up for the San Diegan music community. RollinSD.com is officially endorsing Jet West and their show on May 5th at the Belly Up Tavern ~Tony Fantano

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