Jennifer Aniston Says People Laugh At Her…..

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So, who really gives a shit?  Why do we even talk about Jennifer Aniston these days?  All I see all over People Magazine and US is that her and Brad are still talking and that her and Angelina are fighting or what ever.  If it wasn’t for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie you wouldn’t even talk about her. Has anyone talked about the other Friends cast members?  No, and you know why?  Because they are irrelevant.  They were on a great TV show many years ago.  Gilligans Island was a great TV show and we are not talking about Ginger and Mary Ann.  I’m sure they would  if Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie were somehow involved though!  So Jennifer…… please go away. I know you are hot piece of ass, but you seem like a pain in the ass and a whiner.  You have the ivory girl look and that is great, but guys get bored with that. Look at Angelina’s lips and just think of what she can do with them.  I look at her body and the clothes she wears and all I can think of is what she is like behind closed doors. I look at you and think, wow she is pretty and now lets go have sex in the missionary position with the lights out.  Come on girl. You wonder why Brad Pitt left you.  He left you for the woman all men want even if she is a pain in the ass and adopts kids more often than I take a shit.  Do us all a favor and be like Tiger Wood’s ex (what is her name again?) and just move to Europe on your own island and not let us read about you or see you in magazines unless you are naked or in a sex tape.  I can only imagine the sex tape being boring as hell so you may as well scratch that too.    Article on Jennifer talking about people laughing at her


John is a badass motha fucka

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