Is This An Acceptable Mistake?

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Most people would think working for an NFL team would be a dream job.  Well, some of the jobs are not that glamorous.  Think of the guy who puts the names on the back of the jerseys. I am guessing they are not hiring  Harvard grads for this position and the person that has this job must be pretty psyched.  The pay probably isn’t that great either.  Now think of some of the names in the NFL and how tough some might be to spell. Nevermind, forget all the names in the NFL. Let’s just look at some on the Minnesota Vikings like Tahi, Kleinsasser, Shiancoe, DeGeare, Favre, Guion, Onatolu, Kluwe, Loeffler and the one I still have problems with Brett Farve or is it Favre?  One might consider giving this person a little slack for misspelling a few of these names, but not 5 time pro bowler Kevin Williams.  Williams is the third most popular last name in the country and look what this clown did to it.  With the way Minnesota’s defense played yesterday against Green Bay, maybe it was better his name was misspelled.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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