Is Lebron The Next Michael Jordan?

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I listen to sports radio quite a bit each day and people keep comparing Lebron to Michael.  Scott and BR, Hacksaw and Darren Smith please comment on this today.  Did anyone watch the game tonight?  When Michael played especially in the playoffs it was his time to shine.  The ball always went through  Michael and he willed his team to victories late in the game. I don’t ever remember seeing Michael not be a factor in a 4th quarter of a winnable game like Lebron was tonight.  He played 46 minutes and had 8 points (2 of them free throws) 3 offensive rebounds and 6 defensive rebounds.  Dwayne Wade played like Michael used to and I didn’t even know that Lebron was on the floor. I wish I taped the game so I could see how many time Lebron even touched the ball.  Wade was all over the floor offensively and defensively and Lebron was nowhere to be seen.  Then you have Dirk who has a 100+ fever and he manages to play the 39 minutes and score 21 points and makes a few clutch shots down the stretch to put his team up for good.  Lebron you show up tonight and your team is up 3-1 and you are guaranteed a ring, but not you go MIA on your team.  I don’t have Mitchael’s playoff stats, but I don’t think he ever had a game like this in his career. I am not just talking points, but talking not being any bit of a factor when you team needs you.  Lebron sure you have big games from time to time and mostly when your team is up by 10+ points. That is the equivalent of A-Rod hitting 60% of his home runs when his team is winning by 5+ runs.. Big shit. I am saying Dallas in 7 and it all falls back on you Lebron for not showing up tonight.  Good players can dominate the regular season but great players dominate every game of the post season. TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

John is a badass motha fucka

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