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Enough with all the controversy.  If this chick looked like Oprah or Rosie she would not have this issue.  This girl is smoking hot and if she dresses like this what does she expect? I go to work and have to dress a certain way.  I don’t walk in wearing shorts and a wife beater showing off my sick pipes….. I need to dress a specific way. If she chooses to dress like this, she should expect men to talk, look, stare and get a lot of attention. Come on people.  The first video is the interview with her after the game.  It is long and just a bunch of BS,  but worth looking at.  The second is great.  Check out what she is wearing on the side lines……are you kidding?  How can anyone expect people not to make comments??  It’s like if a fat chick is wearing clothes that are too tight. People will make comments and say things. Tough life Ines.  I really feel bad for you, being this hot, having an accent that  make most men melt and on top of that;  you are a lawyer and have two masters degrees.  One would think you would be smart enough to wear reporter like clothing then.  I just love when asked if she felt like she was sexually harassed she said no and Woody Johnson’s apology was good enough. The guys name is Woody Johnson- that is the best thing about the story. They should be calling him Stiff Woody after looking at Ines.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

Now this is a great video and you can understand why men stare.

John is a badass motha fucka

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