In Search of the Ultimate Meatball 2

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This is our second post for the Ultimate Meatball.  What is a meatball?  meatball ( ) n. A small ball of ground meat variously seasoned and cooked.

At Rollin,   the definition of a Meatball is slightly different.  The Ultimate Meatball is a guy who is too into himself.  He thinks his shit don’t stink, lifts all the time and spray tans.  Everyone has heard of or seen Jersey Shore.  They are stereotypical Meatballs.  Bad accents, lots of hair gel, bad gear, gold chains, creates nicknames for themselves (don’t start calling me a meatball because I have one of the traits) and they don’t stop talking about themselves.  They are otherwise recognized as deuche bags.

In San Diego we have a different flavor of Meatballs. We don’t have the back East Meatballs, but go to PB on any given weekend and you will see them walking around.  This guy in the video is a typical back East Meatball.  He has the hair, the tan, gold chain, the puffed up arms and dances like someone out of the RiverDance group, but all roided out.  Does this guy have a mirror in his house?  Does he think he looks good/cool?  Why are his pants so short and who the hell wears running shoes when going out and no shirt. This guy fits the category and we will give him a 7 out of 10.  To see Rollin’s first Meatball featured (he ranked an 8.5 out of 10) go to the top right of this page and in the go box, type “in search of the ultimate meatball”.  Please send me photo’s or video’s of people you nominate to be an Ultimate Meatball.  At the end of the year, we will post our top 10 for you to vote on.  Rollin is hoping we can find someone in SD to give the crown to.   TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

Watch this video and tell me if this guy fits that description.

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