Illegal Move In Wrestling?

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An Illegal Move in Wrestling.  Isn’t that kind of an oxymoron?   The sport is fake so how can something be illegal? As a kid growing up I was a huge fan of wrestling and still remember the days as a kid watching it on Saturday mornings with my brother and then us practicing our figure 4 leg locks and body slams on each other.  Then one day wrestling changed. Not sure if it was when Vince McMahon Jr took over the WWF or what, but what I loved as a kid was not the same. It wasn’t wrestling anymore and was more entertainment and each week trying to out do the previous week with some outrageous stunt or act.  I found this video today and love it. At first I was like what the Fukc and then kept watching it. I am thinking to myself how bad has the ECW gotten?  Trances and dancing, but the more I watched the better it go. When they started doing the worm it was good, but what about the head skid.  What the hell kind of dance move is that.  I had to rewind it a few times to watch it.  I think it could be the best dance move I have ever seen.  So enjoy this video and I might have to do  a weekly wrestling post for all you Rollers.  TMTMTML@RollinSD.com

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