I’ll Make Like To You

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Valentine’s Day has come and gone.  Perhaps some of you guys have come to realize that the woman you bought flowers or candy for would be better suited as a booty call instead of as a girlfriend.  So what if you’re just looking for a casual hookup?  Maybe that’s a good thing.  (Maybe that’s all she’s hoping to get from you as well.)  How do you find a crafty way of letting her know that you’re interested, but not really THAT interested?  Well, our friends over at collegehumor.com have come up with a Boyz II Men knock-off that tells it like it is, which they’re advertising as “a love song, just not an ‘in love’ song”.  The lyrics aptly describe the intentions behind a no-strings attached fling, which sometimes makes for the best type of relationship!  Who wants the awkwardness of either giving or getting a fake “I love you” when it’s clearly just to get someone to go to bed with them?  Be honest and let the person know straight up that all you’re looking for is a piece of ass until something better comes along.  Yes, you might get slapped across the face for it, but there’s also the chance that you just made yourself a lifelong friend with benefits on whom you won’t have to spend money taking out to a romantic dinner next Valentine’s Day. ~Az’s Finest

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