If A Tree Falls In The Woods

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If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around to hear it, does it make noise?  This is my thought exactly when the Chargers come to mind.  They have been on television two weeks this season and looked like shit both times. Then they come home and look great, or so I am told; or so the 1:42 highlight film shows me. I know blacking out the games is an NFL rule, but if we only see the team looking like shit how are we going to back them?  I think this is part of the problem the Padres have.  Direct TV does not show the Padres games. I have the baseball package at home because my sons are huge fans. So I can watch any game on any night except for the Padres.  I am not sure how many Direct TV customers there are in San Diego, but I would like to know.  How are my kids to become fans if they can’t watch them? Get them as fans and then we show up at the ball park to watch. The Chargers better be careful this doesn’t happen to them.  I have a real shitty taste in my mouth about this ownership right now and they are making a huge mistake by not addressing this issue. So the team is away next week vs the Raiders and then the Rams the following week.  We can watch them on TV and hopefully they win.  The one good thing is their next home game is against the Patriots so they will have no issues selling out unless they throw up on themselves like they did during the last two televised games.  Just my 2 cents. TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

For those who want to see the highlights from the game yesterday see the video below…..

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