I Wouldn’t Want To Be A Golf Ball

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I guess that’s a stupid heading for this post, but I think golfers and non-golfers would be interested in seeing this.  Who the hell would want to be a golf ball?  No one has a swing speed of 150 mph, including Tiger Woods, who is just under 130 mph.  Who knew a ball would compress this much and how the hell do they last so long?  

Here is a little history I recently learned:  The Pro V-1 golf ball by Titlist is actually a three part ball. You have to have a club head speed of at least 100 mph or more to be able to compress all three stages.  If you don’t, the ball never fully compresses and you don’t get the distance out of the ball that you are supposed to. So any of you wanna be players out there, go and buy two part balls so you will get the max distance out of your swing.  Two piece balls are cheaper than the three so I am also helping you save money.  After watching this video you will understand why the Pro’s switch balls so often.  TMTMTL@Rollinsd.com

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